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DiamondCode 360 degree Video's

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Diamond grading alone does not always give a true representation of a diamond's appearance.

Diamond videos and images of real diamonds are available for viewing on DiamondCode.

Customers can see a lot more of their diamond than ever before and undoubtedly more than in a retail store with a diamond likely in a setting and seen under halogen lighting.

Videos on DiamondCode.com.au show you exactly the inclusions that are present in the selected diamond, their size, colour and position in the privacy of your home without the pressure to decide on the spot.

The videos and images also make buying fancy shapes like Ovals, Pears and Radiant’s that much easier as there are a lot of personal preferences when buying fancy shape diamonds. For example, some people prefer elongated pear shapes while others prefer squatter, wider pear shapes.

The videos and images show you exactly what you are buying under many times magnification.

At DiamondCode, we will still offer you our advice on any diamond that you are interested in. Please email us the Diamond ID number and we will contact you with our opinion.